Handmade necklace, featuring circle guitar string elements made from Flagship Romance's upcycled Elixir guitar strings.

"Tibeta features a beautifully carved Tibetan pendant I picked up at one of the places I love to find treasures in Orlando, FL. I finished it with Deer Skin Lace Leather & an adjustable bead, so that the leather hanging can act as jewelry in the back." -JJ

Tibeta Pendant Necklace

  • -Phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings with tarnish-resistant brass wire 
    -Tibetan Carved Bone Pendant & Beads, Robles Wood, Brass, Deer Skin Lace Leather, Base Metal
    -Adjustable necklace + 5" pendant
    -Handplayed by Shawn & Handmade by JJ

  • Guitar strings are made up of several kinds of metal (copper, brass, bronze and nickel), so some will tarnish. It is suggested to store your necklace sealed in a plastic bag.