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Handmade seeded necklace, featuring guitar string ball-ends made from Flagship Romance's upcycled guitar strings.


"This design takes a loooooong time to make, but I really enjoy the detail of the tiny beads paired with the ball-ends of Shawn's used guitar strings. Need a matching ring? Look no further." -JJ

Quinn Seeded Necklace

Out of Stock
  • -Guitar String Ball Ends 
    -Quartz Crystal Pendant, Funky Paper Mache Gold Sphere + Faceted Labradorite Focal Beads, Delica Galvanized Silver Seed Beads, Native American Seed Beads, Gold-plated spacer beads + toggle closure
    -28.5" necklace + 5.5" pendant
    -Handplayed by Shawn & Handmade by JJ
    -Necklace is one-of-a-kind

  • Guitar strings are made up of several kinds of metal (copper, brass, bronze and nickel), so some will tarnish. It is suggested to store your necklace sealed in a plastic bag.

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