Handmade necklace, featuring circle guitar string elements made from Flagship Romance's upcycled guitar strings.

"I love turning trash into treasure, which is one of the reasons I make jewelry out of Shawn's used guitar strings. They would otherwise go into the dump, most likely. Another element that is really wonderful to upcycle is this Sari ribbon. It's beautifully rough around the edges, and feels like it has such a story behind it." -JJ

Adiva Sari Necklace

  • -Phosphor bronze acoustic guitar string with tarnish-resistant brass wire 
    -Bone Pendant, Upcycled Silk Sari Ribbon, Matte Gold-Plated Chain, Primitive African Brass
    -32" necklace + 3.75" pendant
    -Handplayed by Shawn & Handmade by JJ

  • Guitar strings are made up of several kinds of metal (copper, brass, bronze and nickel), so some will tarnish. It is suggested to store your necklace sealed in a plastic bag.